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CPA Australia Associate Membership

Doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering from top engineering school in US. Three years of design and management experiences in top consumer electronics

company in Japan. One year R&D experience in a semiconductor company. Great sense of technology trend in portable consumer products and business

environment. Knowledge on finance, accounting, economics and marketing. Great leadership and communication skills.Certificated Economist, State Certificated Accountant (Chartered Accountant) [Medium Level], MBA,CPA Australia Associate Membership [ASA], etc. Holder.Make A Bridal Shower Card
CET-6, IELTS:6.5Over 17 years Rich Different WOFE European-American Companies Working Experience & BackgroundI have Other PartTips for Wearing Pearls -Time or Temporary Working Experience for WOFEs.I am a fast-learner with confident .Extroverted in character with good communication skills .http://www.guideauto.com/forum Good ablitity of undertake pressure and adpat to new environment and good at talk with foreigners .
Being worked with washing factory and also trading company for men's knitting shirt . To be the position of English merchardiser for almost 3 years . I hope I can get one chance from your good company that i can service for you and promote myself as well .
I had the basic knowledge of trade in the fourhttp://www.hamshen.org/forum-year university study. In the internship of JP Morgan Bank, I acquired practice of Letter of Credit. Then in the one-year overseas study http://board.crossfit.com, I learned lots of knowledge of financial economics. Military WeddingMoreover, I stengthened the communication abiliby of English. Also I organized the Chinese students to integrate into the local life. That helped me not only feel the local culture but also accumulate some abilities such as leadship and team work experience.
Ex-Big 4 Senior Consultant worked in Fortune 500http://www.adventuregamers.com/forums and FTSE 250 companies in the UK and ChinaChoose A Wedding Cake
--Overseas industrial experience in Executive Management for UK-China Joint Venture project; Practical experience in Internal/External (business and IT) Audit and Accounting Operation
--Solid working knowledge in Business Processes, Risk Management, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance and COSO/COBIT Internal Control Framework
--Expertise in ERP with experience of Processing, Post-implementation Review, SOD Reviewhttp://forum.onemanga.com

good interpersonal skills

●Many years experience of Foreign Business,Customs Clearance and int'l Forwarding;
●Have managerial skills:decision making,adiministration,MIS,team construction,SLM,CRM,ERP/MRP,PM,etc;
●Logic,analytical,good organization & coordination skills,good interpersonal skills;team player.
Skills and StrengthsChoose A Wedding Florist
●Fundmental qualities,http://www.ducatispot.com/forums Education/Training background/Professional Competence & Experience
·College degree in foreign trade(similar as international trade/business,international economics & trading,business English);Master Mandarin,CET-6;Save on Your Wedding-Part
·IT literacy:Proficient in the use ofhttp://forum.kensbikeski.com MS-OFFICE,Internet,ERP,MRP,SAP,etc;
·Qualification of Customs clearance,Foreign business specialist and International forwarding specialist;http://www.skeptrack.org/vboard
·Grasp the concerned knowledge such as accounting,marketing,business law,finance & HR etc;
·Functional experience in air/sea/logistics/Customs Clearance/customer service;6 years experience in air forwarding,4 years experience in foreign trading/purchasing,one year in Customs Clearance;http://www.mnogomebel.ru/forum
·Familar with I/E & int'l logistics industry,have project execution experience,,SLM,CRM,PM,ERP/MRP,etc; Understanding of specific customer requirements and
market environment. one and a half years of software testing experience in hiSoft company in Shanghai, mainly for G11N&L10N testing.I work hard Perfect Wedding Dresses.I'm careful and clever,and I do well in reading people's faces and moods in order to preview things.I would like to keep things in my own plans within expected.I also hate the herd behavior,I like following my own estimate and decision.5-years test engineering experience in analog chip test system development;Some Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding
Good management skill in both leading engineering group and operations group;
Known well about entire analog chip test system design & development process;
Known well about different test platforms developing skill;
Known well about operations management (planning, production, warehouse, logistics, quality control...); http://forum.theiphoneblog.com

able to work under pressure and with tight dead-lines

⒈Good command ofspoken & written http://mortigitempo.com/too_bored English&Cantonese & Mandarin&computer skills.
2.Talented in negotiations&strongbargaining&communication&interpersonal skill.
⒊Familiar with FTY&solid experience in foreign trade.Wedding Planning cleverjoe
⒋Be very organized,good ability to communicate both with factories and customers.
⒌placid mood,able tohttp://www.portitude.net work under pressure and with tight dead-lines.
⒍Proficient in sourcing and developing good supplier.Own Personalized Wedding Card
⒎Be willing to travel. Aggressive,independent and be able to work under pressure environment.Have coordination skill,team work http://www.bikeportland.org/forum spirit.Studious nature and dedication are my greatest strengths.I am not the best applicant but I am the most qualified one.1http://www.laborlawtalk.com.Systematic and professional HRM training;
2.About 6 years HRM work experience with 3 years experience in manager level in multi-national companies;
3.Excellent communication, interpersonal skills and good leadership skills;
4.Familiar with labor law and regulations;
5.Systematic thinking, result-oriented and customer oriented;
6.Fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese;Best Wedding Venue
7.Confident, easy-going, passionate, self-motivated, responsible, independent, teamwork and able to work under pressure.?CICPA and ACCA affiliate with more than one year experience as audit assistant at big accounting firm, familiar with PRC and IFRS GAAP
?More than two years of work Choosing Flowers By Season experience as accountant and accounting specialist at Nokia,http://forums.rleague.com understand company accounting processes, policies and procedures
?Familiar with SAP system and proficient in Microsoft Office applications
?Strong learning ability and diligent
?Good communication skills in both Chinese and English
?Strong team orientation and interper

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neatly dressed

12 years of experience in public relations and financial field in HK and China would like to assist multinational companies especially public relations companies to explore and develop China market. My stationing management and marketing experience in Beijing for 9 years, Shanghai for 2 years definitely help different kinds of companies develop China market in different cities. In work attitude and work style,ed hardy I have gradually refined the "honesty and hard work, self-reliance" .ed hardy trousers
elegantly ,neatly dressed ,generous ;
punctual ,efficient , patient , reliable , adaptable,active ; aggressive ;
careful ,candid ;
competent constructive
cooperative creative
dedicated ; dependable
industrious, responsible, modest ;Generally speaking,I am a moderate girl.I like reading , listening to the musiced hardy clothes, playing computer and sometimes I also play basketball. Be good at observing and communicating with people, more like cooperation. I was once the literary minister of our students counciled hardy underwear .I hope to apply the psychology learned to better worked hardy hoodies, better life.peaceare you in the blossomsunshine

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Americans on the move: why that's a good thing

Americans are moving again, following a recession-induced plunge in mobility. But the mobility rate is still at historic lows as housing costs and few
Time is what you make of it
job opportunities keep many Americans hunkered down.Some 37.1 million Americans, or 12.5 percent of the population, moved in 2009,
never having to say you're sorry

according to the Census Bureau. That’s upThere's no place like home
– barely – from 11.9 percent the previous year, the lowest the US mobility rate has been since the

Bureau began tracking it in 1948.A normal rate during good economic times, such as in the 1990s, is between 15 and 17 percent.
“What the [recession] has done is frozen people in place,” says Kenneth Johnson, a senior demographer at the Carsey Institute and a professor

of sociology at the University of NewLet's make things better Hampshire in Durham. “I’ve never seen changes of this magnitude in so short a period: It’s stunning for

demographers.”But the fact that the mobility rate is still very low is bad news for the economy, says Richard Florida, professor of US urban theory

at the University of Toronto.“Mobility is the cornerstone of the American economic backbone,” says Professor Florida, author of the new book

“The Great Reset.” “Our economy has been premised on flexibility and mobility. Our workforce has always better able to move to where jobs and

opportunities are.”This dip in mobility, we are the leader in our life
he says, makes it harder for the economy to recover.
Even the slight uptick the census recorded offered grim news. Of those who moved in 2009, 67.3 percent changed addresses within the same

county. Renters were also five times more likely to move than homeowners.This suggests that most moves were because of foreclosures and

renters changing leases, not job growth.Long-distance moves remained flat. Only 12.6 percent of all movers relocated to a different state –

evidence that college grads and professionals were staying put rather than moving in search of new opportunities.http://forum.moldeck.no


veterans. Situated in a wide expanse the gateway to a worldof arid desert, the cross was about 20 feet off a two-lane highway where perhaps 20 cars pass a day.
It later sparked a First Amendment court battle when the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit against the National ParkDiscovery Service in March, 2001,

saying the cross violated the Whatever happens,happens for a reasonFirst Amendment because it was a “religious fixture” on federal land. A federal judge at first agreed, crushing local

veterans who claimed that the cross was a historic monument, not an ecclesiastical object. The judge had ruled that the US Supreme Court’s

interpretation of the US Constitution’s “establishment clause” meant “the government may not promote or affiliate itself with any religious

doctrine or organization.”When he first saw photos of the vandalized cross site, Mr. Davis says he was “in shock and disbelief…. How could

anyone have the audacity to catching a glimpse of a lighttear down a war memorial to the dead?”The $25,000 reward is now being offered through the Liberty Institute,

which represented the VFW,Greater too than you can describe American Legion, Military Order of the Purple Heart, and American Ex-Prisoners of War in an amicus brief in the

Supreme Court case of Salazar v. Buono.Davis says that the original constructors meant no disrespect to other religions – the cross was used not

out of religious necessity, he says, but out of respect to the 53,000 US veterans who died over 18 months of fighting in WWI.
Three of the highest medals in our armed forces use the cross – the distinguished service cross, the Air Force cross, and the Navy cross – and no

one has ever returned one of those,” says Davis. “This memorial meant a lot to those veterans and we cannot apply 21st century rules of

political correctness to their world in 1934.”The National Park Service is now investigating the case.http://cichlide38.free.fr/forum

Self Assessment

With abundant interpreter experiencesell discount wedding dresses and well-knit professional skills.sell discount wedding dresses
Can be fast within short time to set up harmonious interpersonal relationships with others; with relatively ability for organization & ccoordination and good communication ability, be responsible, creative and daring indiscount wedding dresses discount wedding dressesthe face of challenging, etc. Good at working under pressure; good command of computer; Impeccable personal integrity, meticulous, humourous, modest, highly motivated. a. develop new supplier, find out proper suppliers for our products toplus size wedding dressesplus size wedding dresses make sure the quality up to our international standard, keep track of daily issues, make daily agenda.
b. negotiate with suppliers on price, terms of payment & delivery time c. Make price comparison list of all related products for Director’s study, communicate with internal supervisor on daily issue. d. Price negotiation, material incoming planning, and payment terms improving.
e. Review material shortage status with warehouse members f. make use of the existing resources to get information from internet, discuss with our Engineer supervisor on relevant drawings, attend the Canton Fair Exhibition with our Director & German sales manager. g. as interpreter among the German Director & other internal dept, as interpreter when Director deals with business with our suppliers. a. Analyse&co-ordinate department data managment system; b. Assist SM to monitor timely delivery of reports; c. Liaise with Operations on projects &update Projects Mgmt Module; . Monthly Capex variance report for Management; e. EXCO report&Adhoc management reports;
f. Monitor key customers sales analysis; g. Other key co-rdinating tasks as assigned by SM; H. Handle documentation of key financial information;
I. Book hotel for customers; J. Guide the HK CPA to visit our factory. a. Quote b Survey the order & provide customers' progress c. Dispatch & deliver the order, contact customers d. Check the order (price, order signed by the customer) e. Distribute order to production supervisor
f. Count up the quantity of performance g. Manage interior documents and customers' information, h. Other daily business work & e-mail from foreign countries. i. Be in charge of quotation, counter-offer, entertain foreign customers, and draft weekly project report. j. Make SC & PI, confirm the delivery date with foreign clients, k. Handle key customers’ sales, receive & follow up PO & samples, keep in touch with overseas’ customers. l. Deal with corresponding business emails from overseas’ customers & build up good relationship with our customers http://vil.cc